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Eco-Adventure in Cozumel, Mexico

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Registration ApplicationMexico trip


8th Grade Career Day at Northeast

Career Day

On November 9, the Boyd County 8th Grade traveled to Northeast Community College to explore career options and visit college programs. In the morning, they reviewed the results from their CAPS, COPES, COPS Inventory that they took online before the trip.  Each student received a printout that compared their results with people in different occupational clusters. After discussing their interest areas, work values, and ability strengths, the students found career clusters of their personal interest and obtained more information about each by using O Net, a website that has been developed by the US Dept of Labor and is free to all. It includes all the jobs in the United States.

The students also spent time learning “where the money goes” by drawing a specific job with information about the monthly income.  They also picked the type of housing, car, and other personal expenses that they wanted, and, perhaps.  After taking out money for estimated taxes, rent, student loans, and other costs of living the students could “see where the money goes.”  This could be frustrating, trying to eliminate things they really wanted or having to resort to a cheaper apartment or to use the bus. The students would also try to convince the facilitator, Taylor Christiansen, Early Entry Coordinator, that they could share a car with their roommates or that everyone did not need their own room-just to make ends meet.  Just before lunch they all managed to balance their monthly budget.  They learned that some occupations’ salaries made it much easier to make ends meet than other occupations.

After the budgeting exercise, the class broke into 2 groups.  One group toured some IT classrooms like auto body and diesel mechanics.  The other group toured the health science labs where they saw the patient models. For lunch the students ate at the campus cafeteria to see another side of college life.

Mrs. Deb Rossmeier, Mrs. Ona Ebsen, and Mrs. Virginia Nelsen enjoyed working with the Boyd County eighth graders.  They were pleasant, fun, and buckled down to do the activities while asking many thoughtful questions.  The students could also demonstrate some good budgeting strategies. Thank you eighth graders for your participation.  I hope this gave you some good occupations to consider and a better idea of what college is like, and what programs of study are available to you.


Veterans Day Program


The Boyd County Public Schools held the annual Veterans Day program on November 10th, 2017. The program began with the Color Guard posting the colors followed by the welcome from Kelsey Reiman and Rhiannan Smalley, the Student Council President and Vice President.

Next, the National Anthem was sang by the junior high/high school chorus under the direction of Mrs. Pat Thiry. Kelsey and Rhiannan then led the crowd in saying the Pledge of Allegiance. The crowd was then treated by the 4th graders from Butte saying the Pledge of Allegiance in sign language. This was followed by the 4th, 5th, and 6th graders from Lynch along with their teacher, Mrs. Delia Purviance, showing the crowd the proper way to fold and American flag, and letting us know what the thirteen folds mean.

Up next was the high school band playing a patriotic medley, “Armed Forces on Parade”, under the direction of Mrs. Pat Thiry. This was follwed by a video presentation titled “the Star Spangled Banner as You’ve Never Seen It”. The video told the story of how the Star Spangled Banner came to be. After the presentation, the crowd was treated to a musical selection performed by all the Boyd County elementary students. They sang “God Bless the USA” under the direction of Mrs. Denise Hausmann and Mrs. Pat Thiry. All the veterans in the crowd were then recognized .

Christi Roth joined us next for the Niobrara Rumblers 4-H club. Cora Roth and Kyla McCarthy had made a quilt for 4-H which was presented to veteran Leo Schulte. June Sherrett had also made a quilt that was presented to veteran Howard Tiefenthaler.

After the quilt presentation, the program was wrapped up with closing remarks and the Color Guard retiring the colors as Julius Tauber played taps. Thank you to everybody who joined us for the program, but most of all a special thanks goes out to all the veterans. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!

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The Babies Have Arrived


The child development class started their journey today of being parents with the baby simulators. This experience will help them learn the basics of caring for a child and show them how challenging it is to care for an infant. They are both excited and nervous for this experience. Good luck girls!



Halloween at Boyd County Public Schools

Boyd County Lynch Students Celebrate Halloween

Boyd County Fourth Graders in Butte Practice Reverse Trick or Treating

The Boyd County Fourth Graders in Butte did opposite trick or treating.  They gave candy out to staff at the elementary building in Butte and to a few people living near the school.

Boyd County Third Graders in Butte Carve Pumpkins

Boyd County 5th & 6th Graders in Spencer Celebrate Halloween

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Boyd County Kindergarten in Butte Spread Some Halloween Love

The Kindergarten Class visited the Butte Senior Living Center on Halloween.  The students have been learning that “sharing is caring” during their morning Circle Time. The Kindergartners shared their talents by singing songs and they gave performances to some of their favorite Nursery Rhymes. They shared their art work with the residents and the residents shared treats with the students!

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Quarter 1 Honor Roll – Spencer Attendance Center

Q1 Honor Roll


Quarter 1 Honor Roll – Lynch Attendance Center

Q1 Honor Roll Lynch

img_0003Drug Abuse Assembly

received_748875871965985On Wednesday, October 25, the Boyd County FCCLA invited Kathy and Karen from Valley Hope in O’Neill to give a presentation about drug abuse to grades 5-12 at the school. Karen shared her life story about her struggle with drugs and the consequences she faced because of her addiction. She is now a drug and alcohol counselor that helps other people overcome their addiction just as she did. While presenting Kathy shared a lot of information about addiction, how to prevent it and the steps to take if you are addicted.  Kathy shared with us that there are many different resources that are available such as parents, pastors, guidance counselors, and teachers to help you or someone you know with drug abuse.  The FCCLA chapter hopes that by sharing this information we can eliminate the abuse of drugs in our school and community.


Boyd County Boys XC State Meet Results


On October 20th, 2017 the Boyd County Spartan Cross Country team took to the course at the Kearney Country Club for the state meet.  150 Class D boys lined up and the gun went off at 3PM to start the hilly 5K race.

Senior Blake Ahlers accomplished his goal of earning a state medal.  Ahlers led the race for a portion but crossed the finish line in 12th place.  He ran a time of 17:42.  Congratulations Blake on meeting your goals and for a successful high school career.  Junior Cory Lechtenberg finished 41st in 18:29.  Evan Reiman concluded his season with a 91st place finish with a time of 19:40. Junior Chase Harmon edged out teammate Isaac Koenig, freshman, by a tenth of a second.  Both finished with an official time of 20:21.  Harmon finished 117th, and Koenig finished 118th.  Kody Roth, junior, led the meet for the first 200 meters or so with a giant smile on his face.  Roth then settled in to run his race and finished 139th with a 22:07 time.

The Spartan team finished 11th overall.  In comparison to area schools we compete against throughout the season, Ainsworth finished 9th, and West Holt finished 14th.  Congratulations #teamrealfast on an excellent season!

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 Adult Living Class

This week Bailey and Alex planned and prepared breakfast for the Adult Living class. Their menu included peanut butter French Toast, scrambled eggs with peppers and bacon, and kiwi banana smoothies. Preparing the meals in class has helped the students understand how difficult it is to prepare a meal for a larger group within a specified time frame while keeping all foods at the correct temperature. They are also focusing on including all five food groups in their meals, and making their meal appealing by adding different colors, textures, temperatures, shapes and sizes of foods. ​


Elementary Science Olympiad

On October 13th, ten students from the Boyd County 6th grade class attended the Elementary Science Olympiad held at the Legion Club in Neligh Nebraska. Students included, Brynn Almgren, Paige Drueke, Roman Henderson, Brett Koenig, Nathan Koenig, Lanie Lechtenberg, Hunter Mizner, Kohen Paulson, Karter Reed and Dawson Shipman.

20171013_100146 20171013_094949

The students participate in several activities that included, Sink or Float, Grain Bin Chemistry, Lego Communication, Break out, Slow Motion Science and took a tour of the Neligh Mill.

Sink or Float. In this activity, the students discussed the size, shape and weight of different objects and had to decide whether the different objects would sink or float in water based on the density, size and shape of the object. Oddly enough, did you know        a bowling ball floats? Huh?

Grain Bin Chemistry. This activity discussed combustion, what was needed to create Combustion and the chemistry of how a grain bin works. Then they discussed the concepts of grain bin fires and explosions. The instructor showed them several experiments and examples/simulations. The students ended by problem solving on coming up with an idea that could stop grain bin fires.

20171013_094333 20171013_094235

Lego Communication. First the students had to sit across from each other with a board between them so they could not see each other’s Legos. Then one student would explain what their design looked like while the other student tried to make their object look the same. Then the students drew an object on a computer. They wrote down information on what the object looked like and their partner had to draw the object with the information given to match their partner’s drawing.

Break Out. Here the students were given a picture that had parts numbered. They were given information about the picture and had to put the numbers in the right order. This became the code they would use to open a combination padlock. After several tries using different codes. SUCCESS!

Slow Motion Science. In this activity, the students had to do several different tasks while their partner filmed the task with an Ipad that could video in slow motion. They were then asked questions on what they thought would happen. Then they would watch it in slow motion so they could actually see the real result.

The students had a great time and learned a lot of science concepts.


 Adult Living Class

The Adult Living class has been busy the past month learning the steps to take when planning, preparing and serving a meal to a group. Their studies included learning how to properly write a grocery list, how to make a meal appealing to eat, how to set the table, how to say within a budget, how to manage their time and work as a team. This week Joseph and Heather went to the grocery store to get supplies, worked hard to prepare their meal and served a wonderful breakfast for their class! Their meal included Strawberry cream filled crepes, scrambled eggs, sausage, and cinnamon twists. It was delicious! Great work Joseph and Heather!


Developmental Assets Survey

In October Boyd County-Spencer will be surveying our youth Grades 6-12 to assess the strengths of the 40 Developmental Assets in our youth.

The survey focuses on the strengths and supports that youth have and need in their lives.  This survey will help our school and other groups that work with youth (like our church groups and 4-H) plan activities that will ensure that young people in our community have the opportunities they need to be successful in like.  The survey focuses on young people’s own perceptions of their attitudes and behaviors.

Please click on the link below and review the survey results from last year, and see what the survey will entail.

Developmental Assets Survey

If you do not want your child to complete the survey, please contact Ona Ebsen at 402.589.1333 by 10/12/17.



 Homecoming Spirit Day

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Homecoming Fake Injury Day

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2017 Homecoming Coronation




Students and staff gathered at the Spencer baseball field on Wednesday, September 6th to enjoy roasted hot dogs and the Homecoming Coronation. The Spencer Volunteer Fireman were out and about serving hot dogs and drinks, and of course marshmallows to kick off the night.

Freshmen coronation attendants – Kaci Mashino & Kannin Ellwanger

Sophomore coronation attendants – Alex Brestel & Logan Carlson

Junior coronation attendants – Kiersten Wheeler & Lane Carson

Homecoming queen candidates were Gracie Hansen, Rhiannan Smalley, Jerica Hilkemann, and Kelsey Reiman.

Homecoming king candidates were Justin Drueke, Blake Ahlers, Clay Hansen, and Alex Reed.

Congrats to the 2017-18 Homecoming King and Queen is Blake Ahlers and Kelsey Reiman!!

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Diaper Drive for Harvey Victims

We would like to give a big thank you to everyone who donated diapers, wipes, and money for hurricane Harvey victims! Thanks to all of you, we were able to deliver 6,728 diapers and 8,032 baby wipes to the Orphan Grain Train in Norfolk, who will make the delivery to Texas! Below is a picture of the Boyd County School Expedition with the back completely filled! Thanks for giving, and showing how much we care!



Homecoming Mathletes vs Athletes Day

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Homecoming America Day

Seen below, the Kindergarten class says the Pledge of Allegiance on America Day.


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Youth Frontier Retreats

IMG_0532Two Hundred and five 5th graders participated in two area Kindness Retreats-one on August 23 at Faith Community Church in O’Neill and another retreat on August 24 at Niobrara Public School.  One hundred ninety three 7th grade students participated in the Courage Retreat at Niobrara Public School on August 24. The following schools attended:  Niobrara Public Schools, Elkhorn Valley Schools, Verdigre Public Schools, O’Neill Public Schools, Elgin Public School, Chambers Public Schools, Orchard Public Schools, Clearwater Public Schools, Creighton Public Schools, Stuart Public Schools, Boyd County Public Schools-Lynch & Spencer, and Ewing Public School.

Our professional facilitators from Youth Frontiers came from Minneapolis, MN. This group provides research based programs for schools across the US and Canada on age related character education.

  • The purpose of the Courage Retreat was to focus on the fear and pressure to follow the crowd, along with how fear can keep students from acting with courage. The second talk focused on courage, and the admirable action of choosing to act with courage despite their fears. The goal of both talks was to help students ask themselves important questions like, “What effects do my actions have on my school, my classroom, my friends and myself?”
  • The purpose of the Kindness Retreat was to focus on how bullying hurts, which creates a sense of empathy among the students, and how kindness can make a difference. The metaphor of the kindness boomerang – knowing that if you want to catch the kindness boomerang, you first have to throw it out there, and it will come back to you. The second talk focuses on being a hero for classmates by using tools like “ICI” (Interrupt, Compliment, and Invite Away) to stand up for and help The goal of both talks is to help kids ask themselves important questions like, “What effects do my unkind actions have on my school, my classroom, my friends and myself?”IMG_0520

Each retreat included an opening session with games, small and large group discussions.  Both concluded with each student making a commitment to change one behavior of theirs to make a difference for themselves, their classmates, their school, and their community.

Thank you Ashley Hausmann, Sydney Atkinson, Emma Stahlecker, Elsie Magwire, Jacy HIlkemann, Rhainnan Smalley, and Kelsey Reiman.

Boyd County 5th grade students were:  Angelita Arellano, Elianna Arellano, Elizabeth Bernt, Emiliana Collin, Brooklyn Eckert, Maria Garcia, Carson Haun, Evan Hammon, Hudson Hoffman, Carli Jensen, Gage Keyes, Lillian Magwire, Grant McGill, Blaine Purviance, Cora Roth, Michaela Roth, Cash Sinclair, Mariah Strom, Ben Tiefenthaler.

Boyd County 7th grade students were: Timothy Atkinson, Halie Faus, Trevor Goesch, Kyra Gonzalez, Teegan Henderson, Caden Hilkemann, Amelia Hoffman, Leah Jockens, Amanda Johns, Troy Juhnke, Zander Kluckman, Brooklyn Neumiller, Nataska Zeisler.

Several organizations and business supported our retreats.  Cargill Cares from Emory, SD, donated $3750 towards the events.  Subway in O’Neill prepared the cookies for going home and donated 180.  Faith Community Church allowed the use of their beautiful new youth center free of charge, and North Central Dept of Health and Holt County Family Preservation Group contributed $500 for Holt County Schools, and Supt Amy Shane donated do nuts for the Kindness Retreat in O’Neill.

Thank you to all the schools that worked together to provide this opportunity to our students.

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2017-18 Homecoming Candidates

The results are in for the Boyd County king and queen candidates.

The candidates for homecoming queen are Jerica, Gracie, Kelsey, and Rhiannan.

The candidates for homecoming king are Justin, Blake, Clay, and Alex.

2017-18 Royalty candidates

Homecoming this year will take place from September 5th through September 8th.  The Homecoming Coronation will be held on Wednesday, September 6th at the Spencer baseball field.  The Fireman’s wienie roast will begin at 6:30 with the coronation to follow at 7:30.

It will be a busy week with many activities which are as follows:

Tuesday – America Day

  • Volleyball Tri @ Clearwater – BC/Spalding/OC – 5/6/7

Wednesday – Mathletes vs Athletes Day

  • Fireman’s wiener roast at the Spencer baseball field at 6:30 with the coronation to follow at 7:30

Thursday – Fake Injury Day

  • Cross Country @ Butte –  4:15
  • JV VB @ Spencer vs EPPJ – 4:30
  • Varsity VB @ Spencer vs EPPJ – 6:30

Friday – Spartan Spirit Day

  • Homecoming Parade – 2:00
  • BC/Creighton Football @ Spencer – 7:30
  • The Homecoming dance for grades 7-12 will follow the football game.  The dance will end at midnight.


2017 Eclipse!

The Boyd County 7th -12th graders, along with staff and administration woke early to head down the road to Stapleton to see the eclipse in its totality.  The day started out rainy and foggy, but when we arrived at Stapleton the clouds cleared and we had a clear and perfect view!  It was an amazing experience! A big shout out goes to Mr. Wellner for orchestrating this trip. Also, thanks to Mr. Brown and the school board for allowing this trip to take place.  It was an experience that won’t soon be forgotten!

Seventh grader, Leah Jockens managed to snap this fantastic shot of the eclipse in its totality.  Good work Leah!







Baby Black has arrived!!



Tanner and Sherry Black have welcomed their new baby girl!  Karsyn Lorene was born on August 17th at 4:43pm.  She was 7 pounds and 19.5 inches long.  Sherry and Karsyn are both doing great!



The 3rd graders got to start their year with a visit from Superintendent Brown.  Here they are pictured as he reads the book “The Book With No Pictures”.

20170816_110657 (1)


back to school

Boyd County students returned on Monday, August 18th looking bright eyed and bushy tailed!!  It was fantastic to see the lunch room so full of students as they gathered for their first day assembly.  Here’s to a great new year as Boyd County Public Schools!!

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The beginning of the year pool party was again a great success, with many students showing up to enjoy hot dogs, the balloon launch, and swimming!  KBRX was there with music and prizes throughout the night.  Boyd County’s new superintendent was on grilling duty, while many teachers and staff members were on board to serve chips and cookies with the hot dogs.  Of course, Mr. Hiatt was there to take his plunge off the high dive!  Fun was had by all!!

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