February is Black History Month

Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by African Americans and a time for recognizing the central role of blacks in U.S. history. Throughout the month of February check back to our website to see many African Americans recognized for their achievements.

Fannie Lou Hamer

Fannie Lou HamerFannie Lou Hamer (1917-1977) was a civil rights activist whose passionate depiction of her own suffering in a racist society helped focus attention on the plight of African-Americans throughout the South. In 1964, working with the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), Hamer helped organize the 1964 Freedom Summer African-American voter registration drive in her native Mississippi. At the Democratic National Convention later that year, she was part of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, an integrated group of activists who openly challenged the legality of Mississippi’s all-white, segregated delegation.


Elementary Olympics

The Boyd County Elementary students at the Butte attendance center celebrated the 2018 Winter Olympics the week of Feb. 12th. They learned about several different Olympic events and played a variation of a few of them.  On Monday, they learned about curling with bean bags and on Wednesday they played hockey.

Thursday’s event was ice skating. The students used paper plates for skates and competed in speed skating and pairs figure skating.

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For the finale, Friday’s event was the always exciting bobsled. They competed in the 4 man bobsled and the 2-man bobsled, and finished off with the Skelton.  It was a fun filled week.

Bobsled video

The 1st through 4th grade will be kicking off a “jump for heart” program the 27th of February. They will learn about the importance of developing healthy habits, and help raise funds for the American Heart Association. Please help support them in this project.

NVC Industrial Technology Day Results

IT Day

The 2018 NVC Industrial Technology Day was held on February 7th, 2018. Mr. Rust and Mr. Dea took seven students to Niobrara to participate. The results are as follows:

  • Woodworking Power Tools Tests
    • Jaeten Ellwanger – 5th Place
  • Welding Test
    • Jared Koenig – 1st Place
    • Austin Koenig – 2nd Place
  • Architectural Drawing Test
    • Shay Nelson – 2nd Place
    • Nathan Kaczor – 3rd Okace
  • Power Mechanics Test
    • Jaeten Ellwanger – 2nd Place
  • Mouse Traptor Pull
    • Nathan Koch – 3rd Place
  • Bridge Testing
    • Austin Koenig – 2nd Place
    • Shay Nelson – 3rd Place
  • Paper Airplane Hangtime
    • Vance Heiser – 5th Place
  • Paper Tower Construction
    • Shay Nelson – 2nd Place
  • Quiz Bowl
    • Alex Reed, Austin Koenig, Jared Koenig, Shay Nelson – 3rd Place
  • Board Drafting
    • Nathan Kaczor – 1st Place
  • Robotic Arm
    • Kannin Ellwanger – 4th Place
    • Simon Arellano – 5th Place