Media & Society Class Celebrates Black History Month

One of the Media & Society classes is using the month of February to do their part to celebrate Black History Month. They have been learning about African American music, poetry, literature, and the Civil Rights Movement. Below are the four girls, Kiersten, Caleigh, Ashley, and Lexie, that make up this class giving their presentations on African American music. They chose a genre they wanted to research, and gave the history of the music genre, and how it was influenced by African Americans. They also chose one performer of their specific type of music who played a large role in making that genre what it is today. Kiersten gave her presentation on Reggae music, featuring Bob Marley. Caleigh gave her presentation on Gospel music featuring Whitney Houston. Ashley gave her presentation on Rock & Roll music, featuring Little Richard. Lexie gave her presentation on Rap/Hip Hop featuring Snoop Dogg.

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Thank You Parents!

The Boyd County Parents of preschool age children have been very supportive of literacy throughout the years. This photograph shows the classroom items that have been recently purchased using Scholastic Book Club bonus points!


Ainsworth Speech Meet

The Boyd County Speech Team was in Ainsworth on Saturday, February 16th. Results from the meet are as follows:

Varsity Oral Interpretation of Drama

  • 2nd Place – Jenny Goesch, Jake Froman, Andrea Hipke, Trevor Brooks, Kiryn Kayl
  • 5th Place – Joseph Hiatt, Kaci Mashino, Joshua Kersch, Jayla Froman, Brayden Almgren

Varsity Oral Interpretation of Serious Prose

  • 1st Place – Joseph Hiatt
  • 3rd Place – Melissa Sextro

Varsity Duet Acting

  • 3rd Place – Jayla Froman & Jake Froman
  • 5th Place – Jenny Goesch & Brayden Almgren

Varsity Oral Interpretation of Poetry

  • 2nd Place – Lexie Lowery
  • 7th Place – Catalina Knox
  • 10th Place – Ashley Hausmann

Varsity Entertainment Speaking

  • 7th Place – Kaci Mashino

Varsity Extemporaneous Speaking

  • 3rd Place – Joshua Kersch
  • 7th Place – Chase Snyder

Varsity Persuasive Speaking

  • 3rd Place – Joseph Hiatt
  • 9th Place – Simon Arellano
Boyd County also placed 3rd as a team!

Kindergarten Heart Hero


For Valentine’s Day, the Kindergarten Class honored Eli Gillaspie as their “Heart Hero”. Eli was born with a congenital heart defect known as Tetraolgy of Fallot. He underwent open heart surgery at 8 months old. Eli will need one more surgery to put in a fake valve. His parents say, ” Eli is healthy, happy and loves life. He is our super heart warrior and blesses us every day!” You bless the Kindergarten Class and Boyd County Elementary School too! Happy Heart Hero to Eli!!