Niobrara Valley Conference Speech Results

  • OID Team – 2nd Place
    • Joseph Hiatt, Gracie Hansen, Jayla Froman, Trevor Brooks, and Lane Carson
  • OID Team – 4th Place
    • Andrea Hipke, Kaci Mashino, Brayden Almgren, Kiryn Kayl, and Josh Kersch
    • Jenny Goesch – Persuasive Speaking – 3rd Place
  • Joseph Hiatt – Serious Prose – 5th Place
  • Emily Reiser – Informative Speaking – 5th Place
  • Kaci Mashino – Entertainment Speaking – 6th Place
  • Joshua Kersch – Persuasive Speaking – 6th Place
  • Casey Kuhl & Kiersten Wheeler –  Duet Acting – 6th Place


Stuart Speech Meet

  • OID Team – 2nd Place
    • Lane Carson, Gracie Hansen, Jayla Froman, Trevor Brooks, and Joseph Hiatt
  • Novice OID Team – 1st Place
    • Andrea Hipke, Kaci Mashino, Brayden Almgren, Kiryn Kay, and Josh Kersch
  • Kaci Mashino – Novice Entertainment – 1st Place
  • Catalina Knox – Novice Poetry – 1st Place
  • Kiryn Kayl – Novice Serious Prose – 1st Place
  • Jenny Goesch – Novice Persuasive Speaking – 1st Place

Superior Ratings

  • Andrea Hipke – Novice Poetry
  • Jayla Froman and Lane Carson – Varsity Duet Acting


Orchard/Clearwater Speech Meet

Below are the results of the Orchard/Clearwater Speech Meet that was held on Saturday, January 20th.

Novice Results

  • Jenny Goesch – Persuasive – 1st Place
  • Kaci Mashino – Entertainment – 3rd Place
  • Catalina Knox – Poetry – 6th Place
  • Novice OID  – 2nd Place
    • Brayden Almgren, Andrea Hipke, Kiryn Kayl, Joshua Kersch, Kaci Mashino
  • Novice Team Overall – 3rd Place

Varsity Results

  • Joseph Hiatt – Serious – 6th Place
  • Varsity OID – 6th Place
    • Joseph Hiatt, Jayla Froman, Gracie Hansen, Trevor Brooks, Lane Carson


2016-17 school year banner


2017 State Speech Results

Rebecca Hiatt – Extemp

  • Round 1 – 2nd
  • Round 2 – 1st
  • Finals – 5th

Lexie Lowery – Poetry

  • Round 1 – 4th
  • Round 2 – 1st
  • Finals – 5th

Joseph Hiatt, Layne Swanson, Lane Carson, Kelli Mashino, Lexie Lowery – OID

  • Round 1 – 5th
  • Round 2 – 3rd


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2017 District Speech Results

Oral Interpretation of Drama-Joseph Hiatt, Lane Carson, Lexie Lowery, Layne Swanson, and Kelli Mashino
3rd Place and State Qualifier

Poetry-Lexie Lowery
2nd Place and State Qualifier

Exemp-Rebecca Hiatt
3rd Place and State Qualifier

Serious-Melissa Sextro
4th Place

Persuasive-Joseph Hiatt
5th Place

Informative-Samantha Hipke
6th Place

Congrats to all the Speech members! State Speech is Friday, March 24th at the University of Nebraska Kearney!


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NVC Speech Meet

  • Informative Speaking:
                   Emily Reiser- 4th
                   Samantha Hipke- 6th
  • Poetry:
                   Lexie Lowery- 4th
  • Persuasive Speaking:
                   Joseph Hiatt- 6th
  • Extemporaneous Speaking:
                   Rebecca Hiatt- 6th
  • Oral Interpretation of Drama:
                   Joseph Hiatt, Lane Carson, Lexie Lowery, Kelli Mashino, and Layne Swanson- 3rd
West Boyd Finished 3rd as a team!


Ainsworth Speech Meet

Two West Boyd students placed at the Ainsworth Speech Meet on Saturday, February 18th.  Rebecca Hiatt received 2nd place in Extemp, and Joseph Hiatt received 4th place in Persuasive.  Way to go!!


West Holt Speech Meet

A big shout out goes out to the West Boyd OID Team of Joseph Hiatt, Lane Carson, Layne Swanson, Kelli Mashino, and Lexie Lowery on their fourth place medals at the West Holt Speech Meet! Also, congratulations to Lexi Lowery on her first place medal in Poetry! WAY TO GO!!