Interior Design Class Creates Room Designs

Members of the interior design class created their visions for bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms after learning about the many aspects of design this semester. By using the elements and principles of design, each student created a design board for one room in a home. Their design boards included a wall elevation(s), floor plan, budget, color scheme, flooring, and all of the home furnishings needed for the room layout.   Photos are included of each student presenting their room design to the class. Great work interior design class!

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Butte Elementary Track & Field Day

The Butte Boyd County Elementary Track & Field day was held on Tuesday, May 8th. It was a beautiful day full of running, jumping, and throwing. Enjoy some pictures that were snapped by school personnel, and Sheryl Hiatt!

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Fishy Friday!

Kindergartener Evynn Heiser (with help from Mrs. Krotter) caught a nice fish at the Niobrara State Park during the elementary field trip on Friday, May 4th.  It was a wonderful day.
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8th Grade FCS Sewing Project

The 8th grade Family and Consumer Science class has been working on basic sewing skills throughout the semester. Some of the skills they have learned are cutting patterns, hand stitching, threading a sewing machine, threading a bobbin, and finishing edges. Here you see some of the students with their projects they created, including pillows, pillow cases, laundry bags, and tote bags. The class would like to thank the many community members that donated fabrics, thread, patterns, pins and stuffing for the projects!​


NVC Art Show Results

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High School

Jerica Hilkemann

  • Black & White Drawing – Excellent
  • Pencil Drawing – Excellent

Madison Juhnke

  • Pencil Drawing – Excellent
  • Design-Lettering – Superior
  • Design-Scratch Art – Superior
  • Colored Drawing – Excellent

Kiersten Wheeler

  • Black & White Drawing – Honorable Mention

James Henderson

  • Mixed Media – Honorable Mention

Ashley Hausmann

  • Textiles/Fibers – Comemndable
  • Sculpture/Wire – Commendable

Saige Henderson

  • Color Drawing – Judge’s Merit

Lexie Lowery

  • Oil Painting – Superior
  • Oil Paining – Superior
  • Pencil Drawing – Exellent
  • Design-Scratch Art – Commendable
  • Black & White Drawing – Commendable

Junior High

Natalie Hausmann

  • Acrylic Painting – Excellent

Joslynn Purviance

  • Tempera Painting – Excellent

Haylie Carson

  • Acrylic Painting – Superior
  • Pencil Drawing – Superior
  • Pencil Drawing – Judge’s Merit

Natasha Zeisler

  • Pencil Drawing – Excellent
  • Design-Scratch Art- Commendable

Timothy Atkinson

  • Pencil Drawing – Commendable
  • Black & White Drawing – Supierior

Halie Faus

  • Design-Scratch Art – Commendable

Teegan Henderson

  • Design-Scratch Art – Commendable

Bentley Adams

  • Colored Drawing – Superior

Amelia Hoffman

  • Black & White Drawing – Commendable