Class Color Day

Homecoming week continued on Monday with Class Color Day. Classes were assigned certain colors, and students were asked to dress in the color assigned to their class. The students in the MS/HS building also started decorating the halls.

  • Preschool – Wear RED
  • Kindergarten – Wear ORANGE
  • 1st Grade – Wear YELLOW
  • 2nd Grade – Wear GREEN
  • 3rd Grade – Wear BLUE
  • 4th Grade – Wear BLACK
  • 5th Grade – Wear RED
  • 6th Grade – Wear ORANGE
  • 7th Grade – Wear YELLOW
  • 8th Grade – Wear GREEN
  • Freshman – Wear BLUE
  • Sophomores – Wear PURPLE
  • Juniors – Wear PINK
  • Seniors – Wear BLACK

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Homecoming Royalty

Your 2018 Homecoming king and Queen are Chase and Jayla! Congrats!

Homecoming week kicked off with the Fireman’s annual wiener roast and the coronation. The Homecoming court consisted of Jake and Halie representing the freshman class, Grant and Lauryn representing the sophomore class, and Jodi and Noah representing the junior class.

King candidates were Lane, Chase, Austin, Jared, and Garrett. Queen candidates were Emma, Sydney, Jacey, Jayla, and Elsie.

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Taking Bids

Boyd County Public Schools will be accepting sealed bids on a 2000 gallon furnace oil tank and bunker, as well as approx. 728 gallons of oil in the tank.  Winning bidder will be responsible for removal of the tank, bunker, and fuel.  Please submit sealed bids to Superintendent Michael Brown, PO Box 109, Spencer, NE  68777 by 3:00 p.m. October 15, 2018.  For further information please contact Larry Eilers at the Lynch school building.