Sydney Atkinson – President                                      Elsie Magwire – District Officer

Joseph Hiatt – Vice President                                      Kiryn Kayl – VP of Membership

Andrea Hipke – Secretary                                            Mrs. Sherry Black – Sponsor

Kaci Mashino – VP of Public Relations


Helpful Links

National FCCLA Website

Nebraska FCCLA Website

FCCLA Chapter Programs


Boyd County FCCLA Fun Night

fun nightOn Friday, November 2nd the Boyd County FCCLA sponsored Fun Night. Forty two students attended the event in grades 5-12. This event was sponsored to help promote FCCLA in our school through a variety of activities and team building exercises. To begin the evening everyone participated in the Red Sand Project. It is a participatory artwork that uses sidewalk interventions that makes opportunities for people to take action against human trafficking. Everyone attending put red sand into the cracks of the side walk to remember all the people who have “fallen through the cracks” of human trafficking. After that everyone was divided into groups. Each of the groups rotated through an escape room created by our chapter president, Sydney Atkinson, a Minute-to-Win-It relay race, and helped design and construct fidget quilts for our chapter community service project. Once everyone participated in those activities, everyone ate supper and then watched a movie. To end the evening, the winners for the relay race and the escape room were announced and prizes were distributed. Thank you to everyone that attended our 2nd annual Fun Night! Click the link below for a short video showing events throughout the night.

FCCLA Fun Night Video

FCCLA District Leadership Conference Held

By Andrea Hipke: VP of Public Relations


On October 10, 2018, the Boyd County FCCLA Chapter traveled to Atkinson to attend the District Leadership Conference. Our chapter had 26 members attend this day long learning event. The morning started out with the opening ceremony, installation of district officers, and the keynote speaker, Kevan Hueftle.  The topic for the keynote speaker was, “Is the ‘F’ Word Really So Bad?” Kevan discussed the failure that he experienced thought out his life. He had a hunting accident when he was 20 which caused him to have his foot amputated 7 inches from the ground. He let that accident control his life for 10 years, until deciding to return to his love for running. He has been training to be on the Paralympic team, as a sprinter ever since. He was .23 seconds away from getting a place on the U.S.A. Paralympic team, but continues to train in hopes of getting a spot on the 2020 team.  He shared his story to ignite the fuel in our lives to set goals and work toward achieving them.

After our keynote speaker, we ate dinner and broke out into sessions. Some of the sessions that we attended were “Say Yes to FCS”, which talked about going into careers related to FCS that we could go into, “Nutrition”, where they told us about what foods to eat to keep us fuller longer so we don’t snack all the time on unhealthy foods, human trafficking, preventing self-harm, and staying safe at school. We completed the day with the closing ceremony and basket raffle.

FCCLA Fall Leadership Workshop

FCCLA Members Challenged to iBuckleUp at Fall Leadership Workshop.

Seven students and Mrs. Sherry Black from Boyd County recently attended the Nebraska Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America Fall Leadership Workshop held in Kearney on Monday, September 18th. These students were Sydney Atkinson, Joseph Hiatt, Andrea Hipke, Kaci Mashino, Elsie Magwire, and Kiryn Kayl.  We traveled to Kearney on Sunday evening, checked into our hotel, had supper and then played mini golf at the Big Apple.

FWLThis annual event was held this year at the Holiday Inn and Convention Center in Kearney, Nebraska and featured over 530 students from all corners of Nebraska. All students at this event heard from members of the State Officer Team, the State Peer Officer Team, and other chapter leaders about state and national programs, leadership development, and chapter management. One thing that we learned about was the FCCLA state degree program. As seniors, members of our chapter can apply to earn their state degree for completing FCCLA activities throughout their careers.

This year, Nebraska FCCLA has challenged all 100 Chapters to complete a “Battle of the Belts” community service project. We want to make Nebraska a safer place for all of our members, advisers, families and communities by promoting seat belt use and safe driving habits, such as avoiding driving under the influence. Nebraska FCCLA is part of the Drive Smart Nebraska Coalition, which includes various agencies and organizations that provide resources and speakers to support the conference.  These include: CHI Health, Nebraska MADD, Project Extra Mile, Nebraska Department of Transportation Highway Safety Office, National Safety Council – Greater Omaha Chapter and Teens in the Driver’s Seat.

The Nebraska Army National Guard presented their H.E.A.R. project, which is a bullying prevention program for youth. Nebraska FCCLA continued to future college and career readiness by connecting with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Department of Child, Youth and Family Studies to explore various options in the career field.

As members of the chapter bring this information and training home, they are looking forward to implementing it in a variety of ways. Our chapter will be attending District Leadership Conference on October 10th in West Holt and will be excited to practice our skills we learned there.

FCCLA is a dynamic and effective national student organization that helps young men and women become leaders and address important personal, family, work and societal issues through Family and Consumer Sciences education.  Nebraska FCCLA has more than 3,000 members in 100 chapters across the state. For more information about FCCLA, please visit www.nebraskafccla.org.



FCCLA Sub Sandwich Kick Off Party

by: Andrea Hipke, VP of Public Relations

On August 21, 2018 the Boyd County FCCLA chapter kicked off the school year with a Sandwich Party. The party was open to all 7th through 12th graders who are members or prospective members for FCCLA. In total, there were 27 individuals that attended the party! The party started after school with games and fun activities for the younger members. The meeting began with the officers performing opening ceremonies. Before beginning with our agenda, we enjoyed some delicious sandwiches! Everyone was able to top their sandwiches with turkey, ham, cheese, tomatoes, and lettuce. We then had our National qualifiers give a presentation about their trip to Georgia. They showed pictures and descriptions of their time spent in Atlanta. Both the members and prospective members enjoyed getting to see just how far they can go in FCCLA!  Our president, Sydney Atkinson, then led the meeting. Some items on the agenda were to welcome the new faces, talk about upcoming events such as District Leadership Conference, and get ideas for our chapter t-shirts. We also had some of the older members that have participated in STAR explain it to the younger members. We are excited for this year, as we hope to increase membership and involvement in our chapter, and we look forward to seeing how much everyone will grow in FCCLA!

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