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Boyd County vs OC-Ewing

BC JH Spartans

The JH Spartans had their first game against OC on December 8th, 2018.

Team “A” played a very close game, with the Spartans losing by only two points and a final score of 22-24. Derris Hansen and Zander Kluckman led the team in points with 8 points each, followed by Timothy Atkinson with 4 and Brett Koenig with 2.

Team “B” played hard, but still came out with a loss of 13-21. Hunter Mizner led them in points with 6, followed by Kohen Paulson with 5 and Nathan Koenig with 2

BC Lady Spartans

Scoring was tough for both teams as Boyd County pulled out a 35-24 win over Clearwater/Orchard Saturday. Scoring were Stahlecker-10, Drueke-8, Hoffman-4, Sydney Atkinson-4, Smalley-3, Heather Atkinson-2, Kalli Kayl-2, and Audrey Morh-2. Smalley had 7 rebounds, while Brestel and Hoffman pulled down 4 each. Stahlecker and Smalley had 4 steals each.

The Spartan JV squad completed their 2-1 week with a 35-11 win over Clearwater/Orchard. Scorers were Carson-12, Hoffman-7, Bentley Adams-4, Axell Bosio-4, Zeisler-3, Mohr-2, Melissa Sextro-2, and Gracelyn Adams-1.

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Boyd County vs Crofton

BC Lady Spartans

The Boyd County girls did not have the same success against Crofton, dropping a 30-71 decision. Kayl finished with 9 points, Sydney Atkinson-6, Drueke-5, Smalley-3, and Stahlecker-3. Kayl and Smalley had 5 rebounds each, while Druke had 3 assists.

The JV team lost 14-35. Scoring were Hoffman-4, Carson-3, Kiryn Kayl-2, Zeisler-2, Audrey Mohr-2, and Gracelyn Adams-1.

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Boyd County vs Osmond

BC Lady Spartans

Boyd County used balanced scoring and tough defense to jump out early and complete a 53-20 win.
Sydney Atkinson led scorers with 11 followed by Emma Stahlecker-9, Kalli Kayl-9, Lauryn Hoffman-9, Heather Atkinson-8, Mariah Smalley-2, Alex Brestal-2, Hannah Drueke-2 and Gracelyn Adams-1. Atkinson had 4 steals and Hoffman had 3. Drueke had 3 assists and Kayl had 3 blocks. Kayl finished with 9 rebounds and Smalley had 8.
The JV game with Osmond included three overtimes before the Spartans sealed the win. Daydra Zeisler led the team with 12 points, followed by Haylie Carson-6 and Gracelyn Adams-4.

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Boyd County vs North Central

BC Lady Spartans

The Boyd County Spartans Girls Basketball team traveled to North Central to take on the defending state champion team on Thursday. The Knights came away with a 47-32 win over the Spartans.

Kalli Kayl led the Spartans with 14 points and 15 rebounds. Sydney Atkinson added 8 points, followed by Lauryn Hoffman-5, Heather Atkinson-3, and Emma Stahlecker-2. Hoffman and Stahlecker added 4 and 3 steals, while Hannah Drueke and Stahlecker dished out 2 assists.

In JV action, the Spartans won 43-13. Scoring was Hoffman-12, Daydra Zeisler-7, Audrey Mohr-6, Heather Atkinson-6, Axell Bosio-4, Haylie Carson-4, Bentley Adams, and Rylie Haun-1.

BC Spartans

The Boyd County Spartans traveled to North Central to take on the number seventh (7th) rank team in D-1 Thursday. The Spartans won the game with a score of 59-42.

Evan Reiman led the Spartans with 14 points and 9 rebounds. Colby Hansen added 12 points, along with Cory Lechtenberg-9 and Kody Roth-8. Jaeten Ellwanger had 3 steals and Jared Koenig and Colby Hansen had 2 steals a piece.

In the JV game, the Knights came away with the win, 41-38. Jory Zeisler led the Spartans with 13 points, Zac Rihanek added 8 and Joseph Hiatt and Cory Koenig put up 6 points.

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